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ABEILLON designs and manufactures semi-rigid goosenecks for the audio sector.

These audio goosenecks have different uses:

  1. A wide range of small diameter goosenecks, from 2.75 to 6 mm outside diameter:
    • for use with microphones, helmets and headsets for the military: soldier's helmet, helicopter pilot's helmet, tank driver's helmet, ...
    • for use with civilian helmets or helmets used in the security sector: police, fire brigade, ...
  2. Goosenecks with 8 to 10 mm outside diameter for conference room microphones.

These various gooseneck ranges are a comfortable means of using a microphone, thanks to their manoeuvrability and excellent durability.

Several finishes or coatings are available for these goosenecks: mat black thermo-coating, black paint, polished chrome, untreated.
Also, if the client requires, specific adapters can be fitted to the ends of the gooseneck so that a microphone can be attached or so that it can be fastened to a helmet or headset.
Our clients are major international buyers in the military, civilian and security sectors. They might be microphone, helmet or headset manufacturers.


With a view to ensuring performance and quality, all of our audio goosenecks are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France, and work is constantly being performed to improve them.

To find out more about audio goosenecks, please contact Abeillon S.A., designer and manufacturer of audio goosenecks.