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ABEILLON offers a wide range of flexible supports which can be used to make specific assemblies according to requirements, for use both in hospitals and at home, in occupational therapy or gerontology, and for medical equipment manufacturers.

These supports are specially designed to respond to the various constraints imposed by the disability or for a specific configuration requested by the patient or client.

These flexible supports can be fastened to all types of equipment (wheelchairs, medical equipment, equipment for disabled and elderly people, hospital beds) by specific or non-specific connectors as required by the client (threaded, special connectors, clamps, ...).

All of our flexible supports are compatible with the use of ANIOS disinfecting products.

With a view to ensuring performance and quality, all of our flexible supports are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France, and work is constantly being performed to improve them.



To find out more about medical supports, please contact Abeillon S.A., designer and manufacturer of flexible medical supports.