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A product that bears the "CE" mark complies with certain technical standards and can be marketed freely throughout the European Union.

ABEILLON uses materials and processes that comply with current REACH and RoHS regulations, aimed at limiting the use of dangerous substances.

The development and manufacture of all ABEILLON products, and our after-sales service, take place in our company in France.

ISO 9001 is an international Quality management standard.
It is  based on 8 principles:

  1. Client focus: an organisation depends upon its clients and therefore needs to adapt its business to respond to its market,
  2. Management involvement: making it possible to define objectives and a common direction,
  3. Staff involvement: creating an environment where staff can be involved in the organisation's objectives,
  4. Process approach: for results to be achieved, resources and activities must be managed as processes,
  5. Management system approach: the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation depend upon an activity system approach,
  6. Continuous improvement: considering continuous improvement as an everyday principle is a key objective,
  7. Decision-making procedure based on facts: decisions are made on the basis of logical analyses of data and information,
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relations.