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Flexibles en acier cuivré fabriqués par Abeillon


The gooseneck consists of a spring and sectional wire. The sectional wire is inserted into each turn of the spring, giving it its specific mechanical properties and enabling it to stay put.
The compromise between the length of the gooseneck, its diameter and the weight placed at the end must be taken into account.
It is therefore essential to define a Specification from the outset when defining the product.


The SPRING can be made from:


The SECTIONAL WIRE can be made from:


The combination of spring and sectional wire results in 3 types of gooseneck:

Stainless steel/Brass
Steel/Copper-coated steel
Steel/Galvanised steel

Below are some of the common gooseneck diameters offered by Abeillon:

Common gooseneck diameters           
D mm2,754,005,006,008,0010,0012,0013,0015,0017,0021,00
d mm0,701,452,402,703,905,106,006,407,007,7011,00
D inches0,100,160,200,240,310,400,470,510,590,670,83
d inches0,030,060,090,110,150,200,240,250,280,300,43

If you would like a quotation for a gooseneck, Abeillon has a specification sheet to be completed on line so that we can quote according to your requirements. All of the information below should help you precisely define your requirement. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about goosenecks, please don't hesitate to contact Abeillon S.A., gooseneck designer and manufacturer.