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gamme antennes UHF-VHFABEILLON manufactures stub and ribbon antennas for portable radiocommunication sets in the UHF and VHF frequency ranges, mainly for military applications.

These antennas can be mounted on flexible swivel adaptors also made by ABEILLON.

These antennas are distributed in France and abroad to the manufacturers of radiocommunication sets, or directly to end users.

The design of the ribbon antenna means that it can be folded or unfolded in any direction without damaging it, and its specific coating means that it can withstand various aggressive climatic, chemical or mechanical conditions (tests performed according to MIL military standards or defence client specifications).

The base of these different antenna models can be fitted with a specific connector according to the client's requirements (metric or British thread, BNC, TNC, N connector, ...).

With a view to ensuring performance and quality, all flexible adapters and supports are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France, and work is constantly being performed to improve them.


To find out more about military antennas, please contact Abeillon S.A., designer and manufacturer of antennas.